Free poker League Texas Hold’em Bars Kansas City Overland Park

Free Poker League Texas Hold’em Bars Kansas City Overland Park

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1. We are a Members only League for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it allows us some flexabilities to do things for you our players that we couldn't accomplish otherwise.  Additionally, we will be having some Invitational tournaments in the future with bigger payouts and private fundraisers and charity events which we'd like to tell you about and we must be able to get a hold of you in some manner.  Phone # with text or Email is ideal.  Eventually when our new website gets completed, you'll be able to log in using your Player ID (FIRST 4 Letters of your Last Name + the LAST 4  numbers of your Primary Phone # as you indicated on sign up form)  then you can choose your own password and later make changes to your Player ID.

2.  Below is a copy of the Content of the Player Agreement Membership

3.  Why do we do this?  Mostly explained in paragraph #1; additionally our intent is to develop and become the Best Poker League in Town.  That means to us, not neccessarily the largest (we will get there), but rather forming a community of Players that enjoy coming out, feel appreciated, make new friends, network, win prizes and recognition, but most of all everyone has a BLAST!   The membership form is a combination of a Player Agreement Contract where you agree to abide by our player rules, recognize a code of conduct both in Poker Etiquitte and Respecting your fellow players despite the numerous bad beats and bullshit play you will inevitably encounter in Free Poker Tournaments.  Also you are agreeing to or acknowledging State and Federal Gambling Laws which are important to us keeping our Entertainment company legal and continue providing good venues and prizes for you to play for.  We do occasionally take photos or video of the Events and will post those on our websites and other promotional materials.  Also, you or other players may rarely encounter unforseen events at a Drinking establishment where things get heated and possibly out of hand.  You are responsible for your own actions in any public place so you will hold us and the bar harmless in the case should something happen to you.  Remember, your job is to walk away, report an incident to the host, the bar manager or the authorities.  Never engage in a fight, or intervene in someone elses. 

**Thank you for your Patronage to our Bars who sponsor these events.  The Bars are paying us a fee to host Weekly Poker Tournaments for your free entertainment.  These Establishments do rely on your food and drink purchases to continue providing these tournaments and prize payouts.**


You May Opt out from Any Marketing or Contact lists for Future events if this is your intent.                                           

Please Send us an Email to


I understand that my likeness cannot be individually sorted thru photos or video and I may recieve League Event Notifications and I consent to all of the agreements below.  We do respect your privacy and will not sell distribute your Contact information to anyone



It is Free to play in this Tournament.  There is no purchase or entry fee of any kind required to play.  This is an invitational Tournament so you must be a member in order to play.  There is NO Cost to become a member, and you can sign up for membership and play today.  Prestige Poker League is Hosting this Tournament and Requires that in order to play in this organized event Members MUST Sign in with your Full Name & Player ID.  New Players (non-members) must complete & Sign a Membership Form before signing in or being granted access to play.  Nonmembers and banned players are not Eligible for any Prizes or points.


This establishment has paid us a fee to host this tournament here for your entertainment.  Please show your appreciation and support this Establishment and Your Wait Staff with your patronage.  Your Servers are working hard for your satisfaction.


By Signing in and/or by Playing in our Sponsored Free Poker Tournaments you are agreeing to or acknowledging that you meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 21 years of age and,
  • You agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Prestige Poker League (PPL) and,
  • You hereby release to PPL the rights to your image for any promotional material and media coverage and,
  • You hereby release any and all claims against PPL, its ownership, and the Sponsor Establishment arising in connection with playing in our tournaments and,
  • You acknowledge this release is firm and final and understand that the PPL may proceed in reliance thereon and,

·       Etiquette: Poker etiquette is expected from all players. Inappropriate or Disruptive behavior like:  throwing cards/chips that go off the table, arguing, excessive cursing, cheating, delay of the game, repeatedly acting out of turn, etc., may result in the player being evicted from the tournament and the facility and may not be allowed to play in future tournaments.

·        NO Gambling: All participants are prohibited from placing any form of currency on a session table, as state law prohibits this. There will be no exceptions to this rule and violators may be asked to leave immediately.

·        There will be no gambling whatsoever on any hands or outcomes of the tournaments. Any violation may result in the player to be evicted from the current tournament, the facility and all future tournaments.

·     Facilitator/Management: The facilitator’s decision is final on all disputes.  Unusual circumstances can on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules.  PPL Management retains the right to cancel any event, adjust prizes or alter it in a manner necessary for PPL or its Establishment Sponsors.


All players playing in any Prestige Poker League sanctioned event as a condition of accepting entry into the event agree to release and hold harmless the Prestige Poker League, its staff, its ownership, its sponsors, and the hosting establishment for any and all claims against PPL or its sponsors arising in connection with playing in our tournaments.  All players agree to abide by and accept the rules and requirements to play in our tournaments and may not make changes to this agreement.  If you are unclear about any of this player agreement, you are responsible for requesting the tournament host to explain or show you a copy of our rules for your review.  If you are not in agreement with any part of this, then you should not sign this and you should not agree to play.  You should read any agreement before signing; therefore the host is not obligated to provide you a copy.  If you need a copy, then request that a copy be sent to you and we will mail one to your address.  Playing in this tournament constitutes a complete irrevocable waiver of any right to refuse consent.



I have agreed to the terms in this membership.  If I have a dispute with these terms and agreements, I am at Free Will to Choose not to play in any Prestige Poker League Member Events. 


All rights reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction of this Document, its parts or any part is Expressly Forbidden.  Prestige Poker League Ó2010


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